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Types of Choice in Richland Two

Through Expanded Choice and Magnet programs, Richland
Two families have access to a variety of specialized
educational offerings. Though our students are assigned
to schools based on their residential address, they may
apply to a Magnet school, a school with a Magnet program
or another school with the district through Expanded Choice.

Expanded Choice offers parents and students residing in
Richland Two the opportunity to request permission to
attend a school other than their residentially assigned
school. Please remember that space is limited, and parents
must provide transportation for students who choose
programs that are not at the residentially zoned school.

For additional information about Magnet Programs, contact:
Dawne McLeod at 738-3248. For more information about
Expanded Choice, contact: Roger Wiley at 738-3314.


The Lottery Process

Pontiac’s Montessori Magnet Program is a school within a
school model. This means that the Montessori Method is
not followed by the entire school. To be a part of the
Montessori Magnet, you need to apply through the Richland
Two Lottery system. Students are randomly selected
through a computerized lottery drawing.

Although the selection is random, Montessori applicants will
be selected based on a specific criteria. First, siblings of
current students at either Spears Creek Road Montessori or
Pontiac Montessori will be selected. Next, students with
previous Montessori experience will be selected. All
remaining applicants will be approved through a random
drawing. Regardless of the category a child falls into, each
group is randomly drawn from the lottery.